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In 2011, Jim Terry and Phil Macbean were approached by a large city with thousands of series lights, asking if we could develop a "Series-To-Multiple" (STM) transformer. They wanted a way to upgrade series circuits to LED at minimal cost. We accepted the challenge, and in July of 2012, our first prototypes were delivered and installed. The first orders followed in January of 2013. Our extensive experience has helped us expand our product offering, making us leaders in the series street lighting marketplace.

Jim Terry

Managing Partner

Having more than 20 years of lighting industry experience and a lifelong interest in street lighting, Jim brings extensive knowledge of street lighting application and history. He has spent years working with companies across a broad spectrum of the lighting industry and has extensive knowledge of light sources and technology.

With decades of experience working with cities to develop custom lighting solutions, Jim brings a solid background in quality product design, sales and marketing to the table.

Phil Macbean

Managing Partner

Since he was a young boy, Phil has been tearing things apart to learn how they work.  He combined his passion for learning how things work and for music production into a career in the broadcasting/public media sector.  But his interest in lighting never waned.  Phil has spent much time in the past 10 years travelling across the United States, learning about the lighting and technology behind it.


Phil's education in electrical engineering complements his interest in the topic, and gives him the ability to sensibly design rugged, functional products that will perform reliably for years to come.

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