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In the 1920s, series street lighting was the state of the art.  Much attention was paid to the design and application of the technology to maximize the functionality of the design around incandescent lamps.  As HID light sources developed, solutions were developed to adapt older circuits to accept these sources... but that limited what a city could do.  In the modern era of solid state lighting, many of these lighting systems have been rendered technically obsolete, as there was no way to upgrade beyond HID.

The lighting industry's dwindling support for the technology has slowly clamped down on applications to the point where some cities that are unable to keep the lights on, due to discontinued parts or a lack of knowledge on how to operate a series circuit.

This is where OV20 Systems excels.  We have developed a range of transformers that renders previous series street lighting technology obsolete.  The STM transformer allows system owners to upgrade to the latest in technology to better serve their customers and reduce maintenance burden.  No longer are you beholden to your stock of specialized incandescent lamps, nor a single ballast manufacturer.  With this solution, you are now free to choose what you put on your system.

Pictured: STM-6.6A-120H-AL-SMA Metal cased unit for external mounting
External mounting option