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"STM" Series to Multiple Transformers

Click HERE for STM-6.6A range data sheet.

Pictured right: STM-6.6A-120H-200W-WL

  The STM transformer allows system owners to upgrade to the latest in technology to better serve their customers and reduce maintenance burden.

 No longer are you beholden to your stock of specialized incandescent lamps, nor a single ballast manufacturer.  With this solution, you are now free to choose what you put on your series system.

  • 6.6A primary, 120V nominal secondary
  • Flexible capacity—up to 200W maximum high power factor load
  • Epoxy encapsulated dust tight and weatherproof box
  • Built for the long-haul—durable components and precision design offer cooler operation, longer life
  • Single unit capable of running one or several light sources—even lighted displays or beacons
  • Operates any lighting technology, ranging from incandescent to the highest efficiency LED
  • Allows conversion on a pole-by-pole basis
  • Compact design for discreet use in pole base, pull box or mounted to the pole
  • Cool-running, even in secondary open or short circuit
  • Available with various loading factors, to ensure proper regulator loading
  • Customized or higher capacity units upon request
  • Regulator Tested. Each STM design is verified on an actual regulator in the lab prior to release.
  • OV20 Systems products feature a limited 5 year warranty.

This range of transformers comes in a variety of case styles, sizes and power outputs to suit most common applications, for example:

140W STM transformer